Insiders View Of Wet and Wild Las Vegas

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Wet and Wild yet here’s a video that shows you what the inside of Wet and Wild looks like. Check it out for your own insiders perspective.

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{Wet ‘Wild Wild Las Vegas} Season Passes

If you’re interested in purchasing season passes for Wet ‘N Wild Las Vegas, below you will find all of the pricing information!

Wet’n'Wild Las Vegas Passes are Now on Sale for our Exciting 2013 Season.

There are two great passes on sale at Wet’n'Wild now including the Season Pass and the Gold Pass. Both passes offer you unlimited entry to the park during the season’s public operating days and times, and the Gold Pass provides you with VIP benefits, including FREE parking and discounts inside the park. Passes are assigned to a specific person and are non-transferable.

2013 Pass Pricing (ages 3+)
Season Passes and Gold Passes are both great value and offer you an entire season of unlimited fun. Right now you can save even more with the Family & Friends Deal when you purchase 4 or more passes. This Friends & Family discount is only available when you purchase 4 or more of the same pass type (Season Pass or Gold Pass). Gold Pass and Season Pass combinations are not eligible for the Family & Friends discount. Season Passes can be upgraded individually to Gold Passes at Guest Services, once the park is open for the season. The price to upgrade may vary depending on the price paid for the Season Pass and the advertised Gold Pass price at time of the upgrade.

Season Pass

Season Pass
(when purchasing 3 or less Season Passes)
$74.99 plus tax Purchase Now

Season Pass Family & Friends Deal
(when purchasing 4 or more Season Passes)
$69.99 plus tax Purchase Now

Gold Pass

Gold Pass
(when purchasing 3 or less Gold Passes)
$94.99 plus tax Purchase Now

Gold Pass Family & Friends Deal
(when purchasing 4 or more Gold Passes)
$89.99 plus tax Purchase Now

Fees for parking, food, merchandise, tube and locker rentals, games, pay-per-ride attractions, special concerts or events are not included in Season Pass or Gold Pass prices, unless otherwise stated.

Information Source: http://www.wetnwildlasvegas.com/

{Wet ‘N Wild Las Vegas} Images

If you’re curious as to what Wet ‘N Wild is going to look like, here are some recent artist impressions:

Source: Supplied

Courtesy Photo

Less than 8 more months until you get the see the real thing!

{Wet ‘N Wild Las Vegas} All About The Rides!

If you want to know all about the rides that are going to be featured at Wet ‘N Wild Las Vegas then here is a detailed list and description, just for you!

♦ Rattler – Get ready to get rattled with this new three-person ride experience. A first-of-its-kind attraction in North America, the Rattler will take riders through a series of twists, turns as they make their way down the more than 360 feet of fun. It features two distinct “rattles” that shake riders and deliver sensational oscillations as they make their way to the splash down pool below.
A rattling experience with descents of more than 40 feet. It’s the perfect ride to share with the whole family.

♦ Constrictor – Slip and slide your way into the belly of the snake as you take on the tightest and highest banking turns in the world. Speed down the enclosed flume into a series of corkscrew turns on your multi-person raft, snaking back and forth in the series of spirals at speeds of up to 18mph.
This action-packed slide will feature the tightest and highest banking turns in the world, giving you an experience like no other.

♦ Colorado Cooler – The Colorado Cooler is the perfect place to cool off in the hot summer sun as you float around the 1000-foot winding waterway. Lie back and relax on your tube, but watch out for the occasional spray and splash features that add a cool and refreshing delight during your river experience. A leisurely 1,000-foot lap around the winding waterway still holds enough surprises to keep riders awake and refreshed.

♦ Canyon Cliffs – Not one, but two ultimate thrill slides! The Canyon Cliffs experience begins more than four stories in the air as guests are loaded into the attraction’s launch capsules. As the countdown reaches zero, the capsule’s trap door is released, plummeting riders into a terrifying vertical free fall drop.These gut-wrenching, heart-pounding slides accelerate guests to speeds of up to 33 feet per second!

♦ Splash Island – Located in the middle of the Colorado Cooler, this awesome multi-level attraction weaves colorful, interactive elements throughout five fun zones, nine slides and features a massive timed tipping bucket that spills 300 gallons of water onto eagerly waiting guests below.
With more than 10,500 square feet of aquatic adventure, this playground is full of fun and fantasy.

♦ The Wave Pool – The wave pool will soon get its official name from a lucky winner in the Las Vegas community. Stay tuned for details! Hit the surf at the 17,000-square-foot wave pool to experience 3-foot- high swells in a tube, or body surf for the ultimate ocean experience. For a more relaxing venture, the wave pool is also the perfect lounge location with its gently rolling waves in the shallow end. The wave pool bay will be home to Dive ‘n’ Movie events on select Friday evenings throughout the summer.

♦ Desert Racers – From four stories high, the Desert Racers takes guests head first on a racing mat down a six-lane downhill speedway. This 360-foot raceway launches riders from 44 feet high and down the slides at speeds of more than 20 feet per second.
Challenge your friends and family to the ultimate race on the Desert Racers.

♦ Royal Flush Extreme – This is a high stakes ride as guests enter an enclosed tube before being dropped into a giant bowl. Riders fight the centrifugal forces as they swirl around the bowl before being flushed down the center of the tube and into the splash pool below.
This revolutionary attraction leaves riders flush with adrenaline they won’t soon forget.

♦ Hoover Half Pipe – A category five river rapid experience! All the fun of whitewater rafting with an unexpected drop into the Hoover Half Pipe. Guests drop 57 feet before the raft goes vertical, shooting up the side of the Hoover wall and sending you back down as you experience sheer weightlessness before exiting into the calm waters below.Take rafting to the next level with this adrenalin-pumping thrill ride.

♦ Zipp, Zapp, Zoom – Get ready for the ride of your life on the amazing Zipp, Zapp and Zoom slides. These adrenaline-pumping multi-person tube slides are intertwined for maximum fun featuring dizzying drops, daring dips and tumultuous turns.
Zipp, Zapp, and Zoom your way through more than 300 feet of water filled thrills.

Which ride do you think is going to be your favorite? Tell us in the comments section below!

And if you want to see exactly what Wet ‘N Wild Las Vegas is projected to look like, then check out this video below:

Splash Canyon Is Now Wet ‘N Wild Las Vegas

Representatives of Australian entertainment giant Village Roadshow Ltd. announced today that it is renaming the Splash Canyon Water Park in Las Vegas to:

Wet ‘n Wild Las Vegas.

Being that Wet ‘N Wild was a fond memory to the locals of Las Vegas, the name of the new water park in Las Vegas being changed to Wet ‘N Wild is sure to resonate with many Las Vegans!

The 41-acre water park, which is currently under construction, is scheduled to open on Memorial Day 2013.

The $50 million new water park in Las Vegas will have a total of 25 slides and will also feature a wave pool, lazy river, water playground and toddler pool, as well as a seven-story speed slide and head-first mat racer.

The attraction will be on land leased from the Howard Hughes Corp., and investors will include Agassi; his wife, Steffi Graf; Dr. Steven and Karen Thomas, members of the Thomas family of Thomas & Mack Center fame; and Roger and Scott Bulloch, of SPB Capital Partners.

So, start the countdown until Wet ‘n Wild opens in Las Vegas in May 2013!

{Splash Canyon} Opening Date Changed to Spring 2013

It was just recently announced that the Water Park in Las Vegas {Splash Canyon} is going to open in Spring 2013. Opening the park one year later was a hard decision for officials to make, and the company was saddened by the change, however the entire Splash Canyon team remains committed and optimistic about the park opening next year.

Ultimately, pushing the opening back one year is going to ensure Splash Canyon to offer a full season for everyone as well as additional amenities.

“By opening in spring 2013, we’re able to do more things to enhance the waterpark experience than if we rushed this year,” Bulloch said.

Roger Bulloch is the managing partner of SPB Partners, the developer of Splash Canyon. “Now we can more fully engage the community and develop guest experience ideas, partnerships and sponsorships that fit our core values. We’ll also eliminate a compressed construction schedule and, most importantly, provide a complete season.”

Bulloch along with several long-time Las Vegas investors have committed more than $10 million of equity to the project and have already spent more than $2 million in project development costs, fees, permits and manufacturing deposits. The total development cost of the entire site, including infrastructure and parking, will exceed $30 million, with $20 million for Splash Canyon alone. Pushing the opening date back was ultimately decided upon due to the expansion of the original plans of the park. Newer plans show Splash Canyon Waterpark will cover 25 acres in its initial phase. When it opens in 2013, Splash Canyon will have 20 slides, a 17,000-square-foot wave pool, a 1,000-foot-long lazy river, mega water play structure, toddler pool, group picnic area, private cabanas, food outlets and many other amenities.

The address of the park is going to be 7055 S. Fort Apache Road site, and is located off of the 215 at Fort Apache and Sunset Road.

Splash Canyon’s Waterpark staff has said that they will continue to actively promote partnerships, sponsorships, group events and season pass sales. If you have already purchased a season pass, Splash Canyon is offering those who purchased 2012 Splash Canyon Season Passes either a full refund, or a conversion to a 2013 season pass for half price – $49.50 per person – plus two Buddy Day Passes. 2012 season passholders will receive an email with specific instructions on refunds or conversions. New 2013 season passes are expected to go on sale in 30 to 60 days, but at this time, a specific date has not been set.

It has also been noted that job applications that have already been submitted will be kept on file and new applications can still be sent to jobs@splashlv.com. Interested applicants are advised to check back at WaterParkinLasVegas.com for a list of job fairs starting next winter.

Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments section. And please note that updated pictures will be uploaded as soon as construction of the Water Park commences! Check back soon for more updates and news on the Water Park in Las Vegas {Splash Canyon}!

{Splash Canyon} Pricing Info

Pricing for Splash Canyon Waterpark is as follows:

Daily Admission Ticket Prices

Persons 48” & taller $29.99
Children under 48” $21.99
Seniors, 55 and over $21.99
Military with ID $21.99
Children (up to 2 yrs) FREE

Season Passes:

Special introductory offer of $99 per person while supplies last. Regular price $139 per person. Save $40!

One (1) Splash Canyon 2012 Season Pass. Valid regular operating days for the 2012 season through September 3, 2012.

One (1) Splash Canyon 2012 Season Pass. Valid through September 3, 2012. Flex-Pay Price is only $99. Pay with Flex-Pay in five (5) easy payments of $19.80!

{Splash Canyon} Attractions, Map, Layout, etc.

The Map of Splash Canyon Waterpark (click image to enlarge):

1. Entrance
2. First Aid
3. Retail Shop
4. Locker Rental
5. Restrooms
6. Restaurant
7. Private Group Picnic Area
8. Beach Club DeeJay
9. The Wavepool
10. The Beach Stage
11. Private Cabanas (25 throughout park)
12. Premium Reserved Seating
13. The Cliff Hanger
14. The Strip Racer
15. Colorado Cooler
16. Splash Island
17. Silly Springs
18. Zipp Zapp Zoom


- A 17,000-square-foot Wave Pool with 3-foot-high waves, perfect for body surfing, inner tubing, swimming or cooling off, and including stages for event and entertainment use

- Three-Slide Complex with Multi-Rider Tube Slides (up to 2 or 3 people)

- Big Slide Complex with two seven-story Speed Slides and a six-lane, head-first Mat Racer

- A 1,000-foot-long Lazy River for floating on inner tubes and leisurely strolling in a 3-foot-deep winding waterway

- Zero-Entry Children’s Water Playground with a 6-inch toddler pool with three slides and splash pad features

- Island with shaded food and seating areas, restrooms and the Children’s Water Playground in the middle of the Lazy River

- RainFortress, a four-story water playground with a variety of slides, water spray features and toys, water guns, and a 500-gallon bucket that releases water

- Corporate & Private Group Picnic Area, accommodating up to 2,000 people on two acres with catering facilities and staff to lead attendees in old-fashioned picnic and child-friendly games and activities

Note: There are height and weight requirements for some rides.


- Food outlets with outdoor seating; serving pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries and healthy options

- Food carts throughout the park, selling ice cream, shave ice, cotton candy and other treats

- 25 Private Cabanas for $150 per day rental, which includes special waiter and cabana service

- Premium seating available, including umbrella and waiter service

- Main entry complex with ticket booths, first aid station, retail store, men’s and women’s lockers, bathhouses/restrooms with showers

- 36 additional hot and cold water rinse-off showers throughout the park

- 1,000 lounge chairs throughout the waterpark

- Free inner tubes

- More than 650 lighted parking spaces with adjacent available overflow parking and convenient bus access

- Music piped in throughout the park

- Park and green space amenities available adjacent to the waterpark

Introducing: Splash Canyon Waterpark!

The name of the new waterpark in Las Vegas has finally been released!

The new 25-acre, $18 million waterpark located at 7055 S. Fort Apache Road is going to be called Splash Canyon Waterpark.

Phase 1 of the park is underway, as you have seen in the pictures we have been posting. But the good news is that 40 acres is being added to Splash Canyon! The added acreage is Phase 2 of the project and will host an adjacent community park and future aquatics center.

Some of the rides that you can look forward to (and are part of Phase 1) are:

- A Large, Surfable Wave Pool
- A 1,000 Foot Long Lazy River
- A Three-Slide Complex with Multi-Rider Tube Slides
- Big Slide Complex with Speed Slides
- A Six-Lane Head-First Mat Racer
- A Children’s Water Playground with Toddler Features
- A Four-Story RainFortress Playground
- Private Cabanas
- A Group picnic area accommodating up to 2,000 people with catering facilities and staff-led activities
- Food Outlets

The hours for the Splash Canyon Waterpark will be from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily

Splash Canyon Waterpark is still on schedule to open Memorial Day 2012 and will be open through Labor Day weekend.

And there you have it! You can officially be excited now! Any questions can be left in the comments section. Thank you!

Making Progress!

We know that there are a lot of questions that have gone unanswered about the new water park in Las Vegas. We will release information as soon as we are able to. A lot of the developments for this project have not been made public yet. We know everyone is excited and anxious to get some details. We are anxious to get the information to you!

But, for now, here is your inside look at the latest progress being made at the Water Park in Las Vegas (as of October 23, 2011)!

A lot of grading and leveling is taking place. This part of the construction process is important, especially when you’re dealing with water areas and pools. That is why this phase is taking so long (it’s the most important).

Next up on the construction process? Utility trenching and running the utility lines. After all of the ground work is done, the “fun” stuff will begin: the layout and design of the water park and eventually, the rides!